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  • What happens during a Constituency session?
    The delegates at the Constituency Meeting vote to elect the officers, departmental directors, and Executive Committee members; adopt or modify the constitution; appoint members to serve on various committees; organize or dissolve churches; and transact other business as required.
  • How often is a Constituency session?
    The Constitution of the Illinois Conference determines the frequency of these meetings. A regular, constituency meeting takes place every five years (quinquennial).
  • Who can attend a Constituency session?
    Each church within the Illinois Conference sends delegates to the Constituency session. These delegates must be members of the church they are representing. The number of delegates from each church is dependent on the number of members in the church. Currently, “each church shall be entitled to one delegate for the organization and one additional delegate for each 50 members or major fraction thereof, based upon actual church membership as of September 30 of the year preceding the meeting.” Delegates to represent a church are chosen at a duly called meeting of the church. Others who are delegates to the meeting are: Members of the North American Division Executive Committee (as may be present) Members of the Lake Union Conference Executive Committee (as may be present) Members of the Illinois Conference Executive Committee All elected Conference personnel (officers and departmental directors) Principals of each school in the Conference. Each full-time, conference-funded pastor
  • What is the Organizing Committee?
    The Organizing Committee is made up of one member from each church and it meets prior the Constituency Meeting to: - appoint a Nominating Committee - nominate a Constitution and Bylaws Committee - nominate other committees as may be necessary
  • What is the Nominating Committee?
    After being chosen by the Organizing Committee, the Nominating Committee selects the officers and department directors and recommends them to the Constituency at the meeting. The Nominating Committee serves therefore, before, and, if necessary, during, and after the Constituency meeting until the next regular Constituency Meeting.
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