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Education Department


about us

We wholeheartedly embrace the truth that, “The true aim of education is to bring man back into harmony with God.” (E. White, Counsel to Teachers.) Thus, in our six elementary schools, three Junior Academies, and one senior academy, we seek to Awaken Minds, Equip Students, and Develop Character.  

  • Awaken students’ minds to their calling and destiny in Christ Jesus.

  • Equip students from elementary through high school to fully develop their intellect and scholastic competence, thus fulfilling their God-given potential; and

  • enable students to develop wholesome, exemplary characters, pursuing excellence, to give useful and meaningful service to fellow human beings and society.

We welcome every opportunity to educate children and young people to meaningfully serve fellow humans now and in the future, and for a lifetime of fellowship with our best friend Jesus.

Meet The Team


Katrina Baun

Superintendent of Education, MA

(630) 716-3580


Tiffany Salgado

Behavioral Intervention Specialist


Sandra Agosto

Assistant to the Superintendent

(630) 716-3580


Lori Aguilera

Special Education Consultant

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