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Believe the Promise 



Your designated camping area will be calculated on the total number of tickets you purchased on the CYE website. We are allotting 125 sq feet per ticket sold. We try to proportion the lot as close to the shape of a square as possible, but many times it will be a rectangular shape. You may bring whatever you want to put on that site...You may not go outside of the lines drawn, including the air space above your line. This includes tent stakes.


Ticket Exchange

Our Youth Department will facilitate the list of ticket needs, but you will need to contact the people directly to make the transaction. View the ticket exchange list below:

Travel Insurance

Please plan to purchase the Adventist Risk Management insurance for all individuals attending the camporee.


This insurance will pay medical expenses for loss due to an accident or an emergency illness. Coverage includes the actual days of the camporee August 5, 2024 through August 11, 2024, with an additional seven days for direct travel to and from the camporee. The cost is $9.61 per individual with an additional $20 application fee.


You will be able to purchase these coverages starting April 1, 2024. For detailed coverage and to purchase this insurance for your club, visit the Adventist Risk Management page for the Believe the Promise International Camporee.


Each Illinois club can purchase a pallet (40" x 48") and 6 feet tall to be transported to Gillette, WY for $250. Drop-off location will be at Camp Akita in Gilsen, IL on the following dates: Sunday, July 21 Sunday, July 28 Deadline to order your club's pallet is March 31, 2024. If you need to drop-off your pallet during the week of July 21, please contact


You can now pre-order your Lake Union shirt for $15.






Illinois Conference will also have a camporee t-shirt. More information and prices will be available soon here.


There will be a trading pin available from the Conference and Lake Union pin. Orders can be placed here when available.


Have a Pathfinder interested in getting baptized at the camporee? Fill out the Illinois Conference Baptism Form and visit the Camporee Baptism page to receive a baptism certificate and commemorative pin at the camporee.

Schedules & Checklists

Find all the schedules for daily onsite, off-site activities, bus shuttles, flag raising, parade, food concession, veggie food orders, and many more schedules in one page. A Club Director's checklist and Camping Supplies List is also available for your convenience.

Veggie Food Order Form

The on-site Veggie Food Tent Store is where you can purchase vegetarian meats & products (canned & frozen), seasonings, broths, and other items and pick up your bulk pre-ordered Veggie Food items at the camporee.


You must contact us at to get permission to bring an RV to camp with a club. Club staff members bringing, or allowing other staff members to bring RVs, will need to consider the space that will be allowed to accommodate all their camping equipment. Each club will be assigned space according to the number of paid registrations sent in, including clubs they might be hosting. There is no water, electricity, or sewer cookups on our camping area for RVs/Campers. Pumping services for a fee will be available and can be found below.

There is no water, electricity, or sewer cookups on our camping area for RVs/Campers. Pumping services for a fee will be available and can be found below.


No campfires are allowed.  No charcoal cookers or wood burning fires are permitted. Only cooking with gas or propane-type camp stoves is permitted. A fire extinguisher must be kept in each cooking area.


This year we have no electricity in our camping area. This includes no electric hookups for RVs as well. You may bring a generator with a decibel level of 60db at 5 feet away


Teens who are allowed to go without an adult, should be with a group at all times. There is safety in numbers. Set up meeting places and times to meet during the day to reconnect and check everyone’s health. Always have an adult with kids. Travel in groups.

When going to bathroom at night - Kids need an adult.  Teens need a buddy with them.

Directors Meeting dates

Our next Pathfinder Director's Meeting regarding BTP International Camporee will be:

Sunday, March 17 at 9:00 AM via Zoom

Zoom Meeting Recording

Passcode: *kJnW6.c


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