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Young Adults

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Churches are both shrinking and aging as more young people disengage.

From the ages of 18-35, the entire outlook and value set of the individuals can be in flux and uncertain.  Or perhaps their life situations are changing.  For many of them within the Adventist church, they came from a College or University that was designed to meet and engage them spiritually only to find that their local church was not.
Our purpose here is to not only find new ways to engage these middle generations, but also to help local churches bridge the gap.  Helping the local church understand the issues and needs that exist within the group will help to better welcome all that attend the local church.  It is our purpose to bring those two things into harmony.
If you or your local church are ready to tackle this mission within your area, contact us and we'd be happy to come and talk to your local church and talk about how to engage with your young adults.


No upcoming events at the moment
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