Area 3

Witnessing for Jesus - Ottawa Seventh-day Adventist Church presents a Seminar on being a great witness for Jesus, entitled "Taste and See.  Introducing People to Jesus."  Miss Pat Gustin is presenting.  Miss Gustin has dedicated her life in missions at Singapore and Thailand and was the director for Global Missions at the General Conference.  This short seminar will focus on introducing p

eople to Jesus by following the simple easy-to-use methods that Jesus used. Our method of learning will be what is called “discovery learning,” a method that has proven most effective with adults. Because our focus is on using Jesus’ method of telling stories and asking questions, these lessons are built on stories and questions that lead to the discovery of principles and truths.

The seminar will start on Friday evening, October 2 from 7-9 PM and continue till Saturday morning from 9:30-5PM.  If you are interested in joining us virtually or have any questions, please email Pastor Frendell at