SAVE THE DATE AND CONFERENCE THEME  Please save the following date to participate in this special corporate conference event:   

• December 12 - 2nd Coming of Jesus Focus Sabbath

Start preparing now for our theme for next year, 2021: Proclaiming Jesus Passionately!

Adventist Community Services Special Offering  The Adventist Community Services (ACS) annual offering is scheduled for December 12, 2020, and we need your help to ensure that ACS is able to continue serving communities in Christ’s name. This offering is a part of the North American Division Calendar of Offerings to support the ACS ministries to serve God and His people in our communities. In 2020, NAD ACS was able to provide over 2 million dollars to support our ACS Food Pantries around North American Division during the COVID-19 pandemic which was possible because of the financial support of our faithful members. Please watch the video below for more information:


Communication Training  Join the Lake Union Conference virtually from November 18 - December 16 every Wednesday at 1-2 pm (2-3 pm Eastern) for FREE TRAINING from professionals across the Lake Union Conference and North American Division. We will be discussing newsletters, photo and video, livestreaming, Adventist branding guidelines and best practices for websites. Join us on the Lake Union Conference Facebook and Youtube pages!

TELL HOW GOD HAS BLESSED YOU — Our Stewardship Department is looking for inspiring testimonials. If you have something to share, please contact Arek Bojko (630.480.4765, or talk to your local pastor.

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS NEEDED — If you enjoy working with children while maintaining a flexible work schedule, you should consider becoming a Substitute Teacher. The Illinois Conference Office of Education is looking for Substitute Teachers – please send your resumes to Sandra Agosto . There are 10 schools in the state of Illinois - check to see if one is in your area


Tithe is for supporting God’s work. In the Old Testament tithe was to be returned to the sanctuary where it was distributed among priests and Levites to provide for their needs. But did you know that those who benefited from tithing were to return tithe from the tithe they received? “When you receive from the Israelites the tithe I give you as your inheritance, you must present a tenth of that tithe as the Lord’s offering” (Numbers 18:26). This practice (practically applied by our pastors and church workers who receive their salaries from the tithe of the membership at large) points to the reality that supporting God’s work is just a part of the reason for tithing. The other part is about recognizing God as the owner of everything we have. Our practice of tithing is a token expressing this belief. – Arek Bojko, Stewardship Director, Illinois Conference.

Communication from the Conference — Receive information from the conference right to your smart phone.  Please text ILC to the following number (844) 947-6582 to begin receiving materials and information in real time.