2020 CONVOCATION - SEPTEMBER 26, 2020  — We are excited to have you join us for a special Convocation day of worship. Our guest speaker today is Elder Bill Knott, Executive Editor of the Adventist Review and Adventist World. Join Elder John Grys for an inspiring interview with Dr. John C. Peckham, Professor of Theology and Christian Philosophy from Andrews University. You won’t want to miss moving testimonies, uplifting music, kids time, live baptisms, and dynamic stories from around the Illinois Conference.

Click on either of the links below to attend the convocation live!  Click here for all the info - including program

TELL HOW GOD HAS BLESSED YOU — Our Stewardship Department is looking for inspiring testimonials. If you have something to share, please contact Arek Bojko (630.480.4765, or talk to your local pastor.

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS NEEDED — If you enjoy working with children while maintaining a flexible work schedule, you should consider becoming a Substitute Teacher. The Illinois Conference Office of Education is looking for Substitute Teachers – please send your resumes to Sandra Agosto . There are 10 schools in the state of Illinois - check to see if one is in your area

PRAYER — You are invited to join the Illinois Conference Prayer Team every Friday at 6:30am as they pray. The prayer line number is 774-220-4000 when prompted enter code 520329#. 

Communication from the Conference — Receive information from the conference right to your smart phone.  Please text ILC to the following number (844) 947-6582 to begin receiving materials and information in real time.  


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For announcements of events sponsored by local churches, please click on the link to the right for your area.  Below is a map showing the various areas in the Illinois Conference.