Marine Toys for Tots

What kind of toys can I donate?

We’re asking that you would consider donation new, unwrapped toys that are around the $10 or above range. Books are also needed and encouraged, as each child receives 2 toys and 3 books count as one gift.


What kind of toys are NOT allowed?

  • Toys that look like realistic weapons
  • Toys containing food or candy
  • Toys with chemicals (such as experimental labs, acid, crystal projects, etc.)


Age Range?

  • Ages 0-12 years

*gifts for children 0-2 years old are in great need*


Can I make a monetary donation?

Of course! Click here to donate directly to the Toys for Tots Foundation


Where should I take my gift?

Kindly bring your toy to the Illinois Conference Office, and drop it off in our Youth Department. You’re also welcome to mail your gift to:

Illinois Conference

Attn: Youth Department

619 Plainfield Rd.

Willowbrook, IL 60527