Spring Camporee



Date + Location: April 28 – 30, 2023 @ Camp Akita


Theme: “His Masterpiece”


Speaker: Pastor Josant Barrientos, our newly appointed Youth Director! 


Cost: $15 per person. $25 Late Fee will kick in NEXT MONDAY April 24th


Registration: Registration is open in Ultracamp. Please remember to register as a club, and not as individuals- we will not accept those individual registrations. Y


Space allotment: Like we did last Spring Camporee, we will be allotting camping space to each club. We encourage you to register early so that we can get all the spaces allotted earlier and be able to make this process as smooth as possible.


Camp Activities: We will be offering camp activities (Archery, Canoeing, Horses, and Zip lining) on Sunday from 12 – 2 pm. That is a bit earlier than last time, as we want to make sure you still have the chance to get everyone home at a reasonable time. Remember that they can chose 1 HIGH INTEREST activity, and 1 LOWER INTEREST activity. Pathfinders can use the following link to register for the 2 activities they want to do. Please be sure to share this link with them so they can sign up or you can sign them up (you’ll have to do it one PF at a time). If they do not sign up by 12 pm next Friday, April 28th, they will not be able to participate in the camp activities at this event. 


Choose 1 from Activity Block 1:

  • HORSES: 12-1 PM OR 1-2 PM
  • ZIPLINE: 12-1 PM OR 1-2 PM


Choose 1 from Activity Block 2 if you selected an activity in Block 1. Choose 2 if you did not select an activity from Block 1.

  • ARCHERY: 12-1 PM OR 1-2 PM
  • CANOEING: 12-1 PM OR 1-2 PM 


Camp Activities Registration Link


Please help us remind your kids that they will not be allowed to participate in activities if they do not have a parent/guardian fill out their waiver. They will need to either email it back to me, or bring a signed copy with them to camp. DOWNLOAD YOUR WAIVER HERE


Volunteers: Camporee is a big event and we can always use some extra hands. If you have Master Guides or anyone else who would be willing to volunteer their time to help in some of the following areas, please let us know: Safety/security, parking, activity leaders, etc…