Beyond the Basics


2 Day Canoe Trip

  • 21+ Miles
  • September 28-29

Location: C&M Canoe - 3401 East 2062nd Rd. Ottawa, IL 61350

If you are looking for an adventure filled weekend where you'll grow physically and spiritually you have come to the right place. Beyond the basics is geared towards Pathfinders & their friends. For those who are Pathfinders, the classes able to participate are Voyagers, Guides, TLT's, Master Guides & Staff. It will be a refreshing spiritual weekend you won't want to miss. We hope to see you there!

This year we'll be at Fox River in Ottawa, IL. It will be a 2 day Canoe trip where we'll do 21+ miles of canoeing. 

Arrival: Sept. 28 at 8am 
Fox River (C&M)
3401 East 2062nd Rd. Ottawa, IL 61350

Single Registration $50

Registration includes the option of a single kayak or the use of a 17 ft river canoe (2 person/canoe. Please pre-plan your canoe partner), paddles, life jackets, campsite for Saturday night, transportation from our campsite to the canoe trip departure point on Fox River (provided by C&M), and 2019 Patch. 

Please be advised that in order to maintain a safe and fun experience for all guests at C&M, it is now required that everyone participating in this canoe trip watch a few safety videos. After watching these videos you will be asked to sign a waiver at the time of your check-in to confirm that these actions by the guest have been completed. Please visit C&M Canoe Rental here and watch these videos in advance to this trip.


  • Worship and fellowship throughout the weekend. 
  • Canoeing/Paddling
  • Water Survival 
  • Pitching tent in adverse terrain (due to this, a machete will be required. Recommendation of 1/tent)



Keep in mind you will have space constraints as everything will need to fit in your canoe. Be sure to keep things dry by using dry bags, garbage bags, zip locks, and dry boxes.


  • Tent: Be sure it packs down to a manageable size to fit in your canoe (It's preferable to have personal tents, but if you have a tent partner it MUST be of the same gender). 
  • Sleeping bag (lightweight)
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Flashlight: A headlamp is preferable to a flashlight.
  • Machete (1/tent)
  • Multipurpose Knife with tools: Never go camping without one.
  • Thermal Safety Blanket: It’s always good to be prepared.
  • Matches: Waterproof matches can be found any place camping gear is sold.
  • Lighter: Bring a lighter in addition to matches — one might fail.
  • Zip Lock Bags: Buy the kind that has a zipper. These will keep things dry.
  • Garbage Bags: These are the poor man's dry bags. Also, use to throw away your trash.
  • Cell Phone: Cell phones should be brought in case of emergency (pack in ziplock bag).
  • 2 Gallons of Water per person: Water is used for drinking and other things like brushing one’s teeth. 
  • Rope: Prevent wildlife from getting at your food by tying it up when you’re sleeping.
  • Duct Tape: This handy item really needs no explanation.
  • First Aid Kit: If you bring a prepackaged one, make sure it has everything you need.
  • Sunblock: You can get burned even on an overcast day.
  • ChapStick: Keep your lips healthy while on the water.
  • Toilet Paper: Roll some up and put it in Ziploc baggies unless you’d rather use leaves.
  • Be sure to pack clothes for the type of conditions you will be facing during the day, the night, and on the water. You will need to pack things so that they stay dry.
  • Shoes for water: You should have shoes or closed-toe sandals with good support.
  • Bathing Suit: Bring a bathing suit to paddle in or to wear while swimming or bathing.
  • Towel: Towels are needed not only for yourself but also to dry things off.
  • Sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses are great while on the water.
  • Hat: Keep the sun off of your face with a hat.
  • Hiking Shoes: Good shoes are important for around the campsite or if you want to hike.
  • Portable Stove /or cook over the fire
  • Cookware: Determine what you need based on the items you’ll be heating up.
  • Dry Food Bars: Plenty of Power Bars, Boulder Bars, and Granola Bars will get you through the trip.
  • Meals: Plan enough food for every meal.
  • Bible