If you are looking for an adventure filled weekend where you'll grow physically and spiritually you have come to the right place. Beyond the basics is geared towards Pathfinders & their friends. For those who are Pathfinders, the classes able to participate are Voyagers, Guides, TLT's, Master Guides &  Youth + Young Adults ages 15+ up. It will be a refreshing spiritual weekend you won't want to miss. We hope to see you there! 

This year we'll be at Wisconsin River in Boscobel, WI. It will be a 2 day Canoe trip where we'll do 29 miles of canoeing. Activities will include worship and fellowship throughout the weekend, canoeing/paddling, water survival, and much more. This year, to create more of a survival experience, we are going to be building our own sleeping shelters on a sand bar- leave your tents at home! 

  • Who can attend: Voyagers, Guides, TLT’s, Master Guides, and Youth + Young Adults ages 15+ up.
  • Date: Sept. 25-26
  • Location: Wisconsin River Outings | 715 Wisconsin Ave, Boscobel, WI 53805
  • Cost: $55 per person
  • Onsite arrival time: 8:00 am on Saturday morning
  • **COVID-19 Note**
    • All individuals must sleep in their own shelters, with the exception of those from the same household.
    • We will be practicing social distancing, and following CDC and State guidelines as they pertain to COVID-19. Please plan to bring masks for moments where we will not be canoeing and are unable to socially distance. 


Registration includes the use of a 17 ft river canoe (2 person/canoe. Please pre-plan your canoe partner), paddles, life jackets, campsite for Saturday night, transportation to the canoe trip departure point on the Wisconsin River (provided by WI River Outings), and 2021 BTB Patch. 



All individuals must sleep in their own shelters. 

CAMPING EQUIPMENT TO BRING ON THE 2021 BEYOND THE BASISC CANOE TRIP /please notice the items that will not be allowed during this trip

Keep in mind, you will have space constraints as everything will need to fit in your canoe. Be sure to keep things dry by using dry bags, garbage bags, zip locks, and dry boxes.


  • No Tents will be allowed, instead Beyond the Basics participants will be required to build their own individual shelter/tent with a 10x12 tarp
  • No metal/plastic tent stakes will be allowed, instead every participant will be required to carve their own tent pegs during the trip
  • Sleeping bag (lightweight)
  • Sleeping Pad (but not required)
  • Flashlight
  • Machete (1/canoe)
  • Survival/Camping Folding Hand Saw
  • Multipurpose Knife with tools: Never go camping without one
  • Thermal Safety Blanket: It’s always good to be prepared
  • Waterproof Matches (no lighters will be allowed)
  • Zip Lock Bags
  • Garbage Bags: These are the poor man's dry bags
  • Cell Phone (pack in ziplock bag)
  • 2 Gallons of Water per person
  • Rope (1/4 Manila Rope/100 feet minimum)
  • Duct Tape
  • Individual First Aid Kit (add Sunblock & ChapStick)
  • Biodegradable Toilet Paper
  • Be sure to pack clothes for the type of conditions you will be facing during the day, the night, and on the water. You will need to pack things so that they stay dry
  • Shoes for water
  • Bathing Suit (bring a bathing suit to paddle in or to wear while swimming or bathing)
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • No Portable Stove of any kind will be allowed, instead you will be required to cook over the fire
  • Cookware: Determine what you need based on the items you’ll be heating up
  • Dry Food Bars: Plenty of Power Bars, Boulder Bars, and Granola Bars will get you through the trip
  • No can food will be allowed, plan enough food for every meal
  • Bible







This weekend is a highlight for our Pathfinder Ministry at the IL Conference. It's an opportunity to complete class requirements, improve outdoor skills, fellowship, and challenge your Pathfinder knowledge. Above all our main focus is to create opportunities where you can gain a clearer picture of the love that Jesus has for you and that you'll once again commit your life to serve Him. We are so excited about this year's Fall Skills Camporee. We hope you will join us for this inspiring weekend. 
See all of you there!

Date: October 8-10, 2021                                            Location: Camp Akita 1684 Knox Rd. 1200N, Gilson, IL 61436
Registration: Opens Friday, 9/10/2021 ($15/person)               
Registration Deadline: October 6, 2021

Find the Detailed Information Packet HERE (COMING SOON)

  • (Information regarding Sunday Camping Skills I-IV & Fire Building/Camp Cookery for Voyagers HERE)

To register please contact your Club Director. Please do not make individual reservations, all reservations must go under the Club reservation. Thank you!

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Excused Absence Letter for School (COMING SOON)
Excused Absence Letter for Employers (COMING SOON)

Club Directors: to register your club please click on the link below:





                                                         “Oh we are the Pathfinders strong. . . 

                                                                  The servants of God are we,
                                                                   Faithful as we march along,
                                                                   In kindness, truth and purity.
                                                                 A message to tell to the world,
                                                                    A truth that will set us free,
                                                           King Jesus, the Savior’s coming back
                                                                         For you . . . and me!” 

                                                                                                   -- Henry Bergh

Officially organized in July 1950, Pathfinders includes three phases of ministry:  junior, teen, and leadership training for young people grades 5-10.  Regular club activities include progressive class work, honors; camping; nature, and recreational activities; marching and drilling; field trips; fund-raising projects; community service; and evangelistic outreach.  Each meeting begins with a short ceremony in which youth sing the Pathfinder song and recite the Pathfinder pledge and law.

Membership in Pathfinders is not restricted to Adventist youth.  There are 26 clubs in Illinois with over 400 Pathfinders and staff.

Pathfinder Leadership
Each September there is a leadership training convention for all Pathfinder leaders and staff. It is important to teach leadership skills and share plans for the new Pathfinder year. 

Order Conference Patches for your Class A Uniform Here!


Contact the Illinois Conference youth department for more information.

For More Information on Pathfinders
The NAD (North American Division) has a wealth of information and resources about Pathfinders.  Their web site is