The Adventurer curriculum takes the goals of the Adventurer program -- that children will commit their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ and that they will acquire the habits, skills, and knowledge to live for Jesus today -- and turns them into fun and practical activities that Adventurers will enjoy.
At each level, the curriculum encourages an age-appropriate, active learning approach.  Instead of asking children to learn a great deal of factual information, it introduces them to general concepts.  The children learn to apply these concepts to their own lives by participating in a wide variety of experiences.

The Adventurer curriculum is divided into six levels:

  • The Little Lamb is for pre-kindergarten or 4 year olds.
  • The Eager Beaver is for kindergarten or 5 year olds
  • The Busy Bee level is for first-grade.
  • The Sunbeam level for second-grade.
  • The Builder for third-grade.
  • The Helping Hand for fourth-graders.

Each level builds on the levels which came before it and is especially designed to interest, challenge, and provide successful experiences for children of that grade level.


The new (2015) Adventurer logo has a well developed and thought out symbolism:

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