Adventist Laymen's Services and Industries


Adventist-Laymen's Services and Industries (ASI) is an organization of Seventh-day Adventist Church members who work in the private sector in business and professional vocations. The uniqueness of the organization is twofold:

  1. We recognize that our time, talents, treasures and body temple belong to God and that we are stewards of these possessions. Accordingly, we believe that our vocations can and should be a ministry to aid in the advancement of the great gospel commission (Luke 19:13; Testimonies vol. 4, p. 469).
  2. We are committed to supporting the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its various outreach programs including health, education, evangelism, community services, family concerns, and special projects.

ASI members include men and women from nearly every walk of life: pilots, painters and printers; artists, architects, and attorneys; bankers, bakers, broadcasters and boat builders; dentists, physicians, dairy farmers, academy principals, health care administrators, truck drivers, restaurant operators, and many others. This group is quickly growing toward 1,000 members.

The ASI philosophy promotes a Christ-centered lifestyle, manifested by a commitment to be in daily partnership with God. Members seek to live out God's love in their own lives and share that love with the millions of people they encounter in their business and professional activities each year. Their motto is: Sharing Christ in the Marketplace.


ASSISTANCE IN WITNESSING — When your membership is approved you will be sent a packet of information regarding ways that other businesses and professionals are witnessing and also sample tracts , brochures and books that are available for use. Also at the Union and Division conventions, seminars are offered that give training in Christian Business Management and Successful Tips for Sharing Christ.

FELLOWSHIP AND INSPIRATION — ASI local area chapters, Union Chapters, and the Division Organization conduct meetings and conventions that offer great fellowship and tremendous inspiration. Most who attend our meetings say things like: "excellent, the best meeting of the year, better than camp meeting, etc." The real highlight of these meetings are the testimonies of those who have shared their faith and those who have been won to the cause of God. [NOTE: there has been some trouble with the "Union Chapters" web site. The link is not able to access the site when that site is experiencing trouble.]

OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE —The ASI fellowship offers not only assistance for personal service opportunities in the workplace but also avenues of service in short-term mission trips, building programs, large support projects that are funded which would otherwise not be carried out. Working together on these projects offers many rewards.


If you meet the requirements for membership in ASI, we welcome you to join us in service. Why not put your talents to work by joining a group that is "making a difference" for God. Check out the membership categories, fill out the application, and give us a hand. Many hands make light work.