Lay Ministry Training Events


November 6, 2021





Sabbath School Training

November 6, 2021; 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Training seminars will include classes from Beginners to Adults.

Location - Illinois Conference Office; 619 Plainfield Rd, Willowbrook, IL 60527

(registration information will be available approximately one month prior to the event)

November 7, 2021




Lay Ministry Training

November 7, 2021; 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Training seminars will include bible studies, deacons/deaconesses, treasury, elders, preaching, small groups, discipleship, prayer ministry, Adventist Community Services, bringing your church online, health ministries, and church growth.

Location - Illinois Conference Office; 619 Plainfield Rd, Willowbrook, IL 60527

(registration information will be available approximately one month prior to the event)


Seminar Descriptions

Sabbath School Trainings



Presenters - Debbie Hill and Marion Parson

Is it possible to have a dynamic Children’s Sabbath School in a small church, despite limited resources, materials, and classroom space? The answer is yes, especially when you are God’s willing partner in ministering to His children.


Presenter - Mandy Macomb

Ready, Set, Teach! We will breakdown the Primary and Junior quarterly step by step and plan a Sabbath School together! We will also look at available on-line resources while learning how to incorporate those into our weekly lesson plans, gather ideas from other Primary and Junior Sabbath School teachers, and round out our time together with a healthy Q&A session.


Presenter - Cheri Lewis

Got a small group/and or varied ages? No problem! Join this Earliteen-Younger Youth session for tips, guidelines, and practical ways to reach your young people (hint: much of this happens outside your Sabbath School time). We’ll journey together to understand this unique ministry better. We’ll also look at ways to maximize, balance, and evaluate your teen teaching—all to inspire and encourage. Come away with a renewed understanding of why relationship should be a priority when it comes to the privilege of discipling our youth.

Senior Youth/Young Adults

Presenter - Pastor Felipe Soares

Do you love ministering to Youth and believe that the Sabbath School space is essential in connecting young people to each other and Jesus? In this presentation, we will take a practical approach of ministering to Gen Z youth by analyzing trends, discussing research, and having a candid conversation about the struggles of youth ministry through the Sabbath School lens. You will leave this seminar with the tools to sharpen youth Sabbath School and better groom youth for the Kingdom.


Presenter - Pastor Matthew Lucio

So many Sabbath School classes are full of side-tracks, tired talking points, and lack of stimulating conversation. This seminar is about what it takes to make Sabbath School a thought provoking and meaningful part of our Sabbath worship.


Lay Ministry Training


Media Ministry

Presenter - Pastor Matthew Lucio

Churches with an online ministry tended to handle the COVID crisis much better than those who didn’t. It’s not too late for your church to be present online. This seminar will address strategy, gear, training, and ways you can help your church leaders get on board with the paradigm shift of digital ministry.


Prayer Ministry

Presenter - Linda Tuthill

We will look at what prayer is. If the main purpose of prayer is to fulfill my wish list, I may think what’s the use and be tempted to quit. We will discuss why we pray and how to pray. “Prayer is the breath of the soul” (Messages to Young People, p.12). Come join us as we learn how to breathe more deeply in our communion with our Savior.


Bible Studies: Reaching a Post-Modern World





     Presenters - Pastor Gabriel Bardan & Pastor Josh Voigt

How can we introduce Jesus to a secular generation? This seminar helps us understand and navigate a complex and everchanging world. It will provide us with knowledge and tools to introduce Jesus to a post-modern, skeptical, or secular society, without watering down the everlasting gospel which is entrusted to us to proclaim. “Lessons must be given to humanity in the language of humanity” (Desire of Ages, P. 34). We will explore four Bible stories as a framework for how to help one grow as a genuine disciple of Christ. How can our hearts overflow with joy as we share the gospel.


Adventist Community Services

Presenter - Pastor Ralph Shelton

Adventist Community Services (ACS) is the official community outreach ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church in North America. ACS is a holistic ministry whose mission is to serve communities in Christ’ name. This session will show how each person or church can: A) Better prepare the individual or church community for a disaster, B) Highlight the ACS trainings available to individuals, C) How to start a local ACS in their community. This seminar will include practical examples, giveaways, and handouts.


Church Growth

Presenter - Pete Braman

Every Church desires to grow. The Bible has simple, effective evangelistic and discipleship methods that are still relevant in today’s changing culture. You will take home practical tools that will help your church develop a missional strategy.



Presenter - John Grys

The person, the role and the responsibility – this session examines questions related to the person of the Elder, and what their responsibilities are.


Small Groups

Presenter - Pastor Frendell Reyes

Everything lasting in church is learned through small groups. The most powerful experiences and relationships are realized through small groups. This seminar will teach you the how and why of small group ministry. You will be inspired, motivated and informed on how to establish the most important relationships in your life through small group ministry.



Presenter - Pastor David Oceguera

The sermon is more than showing how much you know about a passage in the Bible. The sermon is like a journey that a congregation takes through the text into the presence of God. In this preaching seminar you will learn how to choose a passage, how to structure your sermon, and where to find resources to help you research your topic, and finally how to make it fit together.



 Presenter - Pastor Gabriel Bardan

By promoting whole person well-being, health ministry is often the first and simplest way to demonstrate the love of God to your community. Moreover, health ministry is the “right arm” that opens many “doors” and builds a good reputation for the local church. This seminar shares resources and strategies to start and maintain a successful health ministry, regardless of limited resources or the size of your church.


Deacons and Deaconesses

Presenter - Pastor Ira Bartolome

What is the Biblical role of a Deacon or Deaconess? We will explore the role, function, and significance of this vital church ministry. As we provide a foundation for servant leadership, we will invite discussion and feedback on how your church embraces this role.


Discipleship and Apprenticeship

Presenter - Pastor Andres Flores

This seminar will explore the basics of how to develop a culture of discipleship in the local church. We will explore apprenticeship as a basic building block of relational discipleship and how church leaders can establish disciple-making in every aspect of church life.