Web Development

If you are seeking to create a site for your local church, there are two ways that you can develop a free web site.

For Seventh-day Adventist Churches and Schools in the North American Division, free web sites are provided by Adventist Church Connect. Another site has been developed for use in other parts of the world. This is through Net Adventist (now operated by NetAserve). It is also available for SDA churches within the Lake Union.

For Seventh-day Adventist churches or schools located within the Lake Union, the Net Adventist web sites are free of charge. If you want to have customer support through e-mail or chat, it will cost $10 per month. For telephone support (plus the e-mail and chat support) the cost is $20 per month. There is currently no limit to the memory usage.

For Seventh-day Adventist churches or schools located across North America, the Adventist Church Connect web sites are also free of charge. There is no cost for customer service. The first 10 Gigabytes of memory use are free. After that, there is a $10 charge for each additional 10 Gigabytes of memory use.

Both of these services offer unique abilities that are not currently available outside the SDA system. They both are based on templates (though you may also choose to build your own customized site and not utilize the available templates). There is a fantastic array of options available through both of these services.