Christ is the fountain; the church is the channel of communication

Ellen G. White, The Acts of the Apostles, pg 122

The Illinois Conference Communication Department strives to support our churches by providing opportunities and facilitating the flow of information, news, and updates to our local leaders and beyond.




Illinois Focus

The Illinois Focus is a printed newsletter published every other month in the Lake Union Herald. Each issue has a theme and includes articles written by the president, other departmental directors, pastors, etc. You can also find introductions of new pastors and teachers within our conference. 

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Things to Know is a newsletter written by the Illinois Conference acting president/executive secretary. This newsletter is distributed weekly and includes a devotional, personnel updates, and save-the-dates. It is written for conference employees, members, friends, and anyone who wants to stay up to date with the Illinois Conference.

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Lake Union Herald

The Lake Union Herald is published by the Lake Union Conference and is mailed to all members of the Adventist church throughout the Lake Union. You can find new member stories, special union events, weddings, obituaries, and other general information.

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Church Announcements

We send a weekly email to all our church communicators (pastors, communication secretaries, first elders) to inform about conference sponsored events, local area announcements, and more. 

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Opportunities to Share Your Story

We love to hear your stories and want to support you as best as we can. Below are two ways to share your praises, concerns, and/or requests:

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