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Pastor Goia Materials
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The following materials were produced and shared by Pastor Pavel "Paul" Goia after he led out in our 2009 Prayer Retreat at Camp Akita. They are available for use with the following restrictions.

In order to use the following materials, I agree that I will:
   Not alter them in any way.
   Not take personal credit for their production.
   Not sell them in any form (electronic, paper, or other).
       [Note: if copies are made and shared, it is permissible to be reimbursed for the cost of their production: copy costs, materials, etc.]
    Please note that these materials are still in need of editing. They are provided "as is" by Pastor Goia.

About Prayer
Operation Andrew
Operation Andrew
(bookmarks) [PDF]
Effective Prayer By Richard O’Ffill
How to Organize a Prayer Group
Meditation Quotations
Meditation (short comments)
God Answers Prayer
Barriers to Prayer
Problems and Solutions in Prayer
Prayer and Supplication
Prayer Session 1
Prayer Session 2
Prayer Session 3

Prayer Session 4
Prayer Session 5
Prayer Session 6
Prayer Session 7
Prayer Session 8
Useless Prayers
1 "Look Who's Praying"
Prayer 2A "God Wants to Answer Your Prayer"
Prayer 2B "What More Could He Do?"

Prayer 3 "The Three Modes of Prayer"
Prayer 4 [No notes were supplied for this part.]
Prayer 5 [No notes were supplied for this part.]
Prayer 6A "World Changing Intercession: The Moses Model"
Prayer 6B "A Bible-Based Prayer Model"
Prayer 7 "The Cycle of Divine Prayer"
Prayer 8 "Bible-Based Hindrances to Prayer"
Prayer 9 "Usless or Invalid Prayers"
Prayer 10 "The Prayer of Agreement"
Prayer 11 "The Tragedy of Incomplete Forgiveness"
Prayer 12 "Prayer Rights"
Prayer 13
[No notes were supplied for this part.]
Prayer 14 "Returning God's Word to Him"
Prayer 15 "Praying Bible Solutions"
Prayer 16 "After Prayer"
Prayer 17 "Me? An Ambassador?
Prayer 18 "God's Word--The Portal to God's Solutions"
Prayer 19 "Praying an Embassy Prayer"
Prayer 20 "The 4-C's of Forgiveness"

Prayer and Supplication: Key Quotes
Prayer Bible Verses
Prayer Quotes
Prayer Quotes for People
Prayer Retreat (brochure for Camp Akita)
Prayer Seminar Thoughts
The Disciple's Prayer (outline)
The Fragrance of His Prayers
Why Prayer? (example of Abraham)

Prayer Seminar (PPT-for older versions of PowerPoint)
Prayer Seminar (PPTX-for newer versions of PowerPoint)

Other resources:
PDF Notes taken by one of the Prayer Conference attendees (Glenn Hill), (these notes include stories shared by the speaker at the time of the conference).