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you can come home  JULY 25 - 28, 2018

Camp Akita is located at 1684 Knox Rd 1200 N, Gilson, IL  61436-9430


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        Thursday, August 26                                        Friday, August 27                                   Sabbath, August 28

Home! The word reverberates through the hearts and souls of people and the memories conjured up can bring either exquisite joy or horrific pain. And yet, Genesis 2 reminds us that ultimately, home is where our hearts belong. Humanity through the centuries has sought a number of venues to satisfy the longing for return—the aspiration for home. Scripture contains the record of humanity seeking to return to this primordial place of safety and security, as well as the failures from attempting to satisfy this longing in all the illegitimate places and spaces. 

This theme of returning and home serves as the centerpiece of our Family Camp Meeting at Camp Akita from Wednesday evening, July 25 through Saturday evening, July 28. The featured speaker, beginning Friday evening and finishing Saturday evening, will be Pastor Marvin Wray—a man who knows a thing or two about returning and home. Pastor Wray currently serves as a spouse-in-training (otherwise known as “retirement”) in the Bay Area of California. He has served overseas as a pastor and ridden his motorcycle across the United States to determine the strength of local congregations throughout this beautiful land.

Pastor Wray, however, will not be the only speaker. Pastor Matthew Lucio, currently serving as pastor for the Peoria Church, will be presenting on Thursday and Friday morning while Pastor Glenn Hill, serving our Springfield/Decatur district, will open our time together on Wednesday evening and speak again on Thursday evening.

Family Camp Meeting also serves as an opportunity to experience this theme of home and returning by providing families with different types of outdoor activities. There will be plenty of opportunity for our children to experience the beauty of this theme in their various children’s meetings held throughout the days together. There will be activities like horses, canoeing, and archery to reinforce the theme of home. Also, the mobile Adventist Book Center will be available for the various needs of the attendees.

Click here for the RESERVATION INFORMATION.  You may call Christine Pena at 630.856.2854 if you have any questions about the registraion process. We invite all to attend this significant opportunity for brothers and sisters to worship and experience the Father together and to be reminded of where we are going—Home. 

Our Speakers: 

 Marvin Wray ‚Äč(Keynote Speaker)    Matthew Lucio (Weekday Mornings)     Glenn Hill (Wednesday and Thursday Evening)






About Camp Akita
Click here to see some pictures of the facilities at Camp Akita.  There are also some new rustic cabins which are conveniently located near the bath house.  Many also enjoy the RV and tent camp sites on Camp Akita's spacious, well-maintained grounds.  If camping isn't your delight, there are nearby motels.

For directions to the camp, please click here

For edited & unedited audio files of sermons and seminars from prior Akita Family Camp Meetings, click here.