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We exist to grow healthy, disciple-making churches
Talking Points - February 2017
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Updated: Feb 22, 2017
Willowbrook, Illinois
February 15, 2017
Devotional by Ray Pichette.
President’s Report
  • There was a departmental report given by the Trust Services Department/Paul Saint-Villiers.
  • Elder Pichette talked about Mission: Growing healthy, disciple-making churches and how the God given biblical commission cannot take place outside of small groups. 
  • Elder Pichette reported there are currently 171 small groups are happening in the conference.  Disciple-making is the vision of the conference for these small groups.
  • The next Church Planting Rally will be in Bolingbrook on March 18.
  • Elder Pichette reported on Education and how Adventist Health System responded to a request made by Lori Aguilera to give Hinsdale Adventist Academy $120,000 in 2017, and $120,000 in 2018. 
  • Ron Aguilera met with the new COO of Adventist Midwest Health, Thor Thordarson with the purpose to establish a working relationship between our Adventist hospitals and our churches and schools, so to develop healthy lifestyle programs in our churches and as outreach to the community.
  • Update on sale of building. The offer fell through. The building is being looked at by another group. A suitable building has been found for the conference. It is a former bank building. The purchase process will not move forward without the signed purchase agreement on the current building. The Illinois Conference Constitution and By-Laws language on the sale of the building states that the Executive Committee may, in an emergency, change the location of the office temporarily. The situation is an emergency and the Committee is acting on behalf of the constituency.
Executive Committee Minutes / December 7, 2016
VOTED          to approve the minutes of the December 7, 2016 Executive Committee meeting.
Membership Report
Reported        There have been 15 baptisms and 2 professions of faith and 19 letters of transfer in the first quarter to date. Current membership is 13,781. 98 churches, 19 companies and 4 mission groups.
Mission Groups - Three new Mission Groups/Church Plants were approved:
1. Ambassadors for Christ, a church plant effort by the Melrose Park Church.       
2. La Esperanza, a church plant effort by la Iglesia del Sur SDA Church.
3. Second Generation Central, a church plant effort by the Central Hispanic Church.
Kankakee Hispanic Company - Voted to approve the decision and request of the Kankakee Hispanic
Company to be dissolved.
 Constituency Meeting Date and Venue
WHEREAS   it is much easier for personnel transitions to occur in the Spring/Summer of the year than the Fall/Winter; and
Whereas the Lake Union Conference has four Constituency Meetings in 2018. Moving to the Spring of 2019 will help the Lake Union Conference schedule, it was thus
VOTED        to set the date of the next Constituency Meeting for April 28, 2019 at the Hinsdale
                    Seventh-day Adventist Church. Administration communicated their neutrality of this date or a date in October 2018. 
Illinois Conference Stewardship Department
VOTED        to approve the shift of the Stewardship Department responsibility to the Ministerial  Department.