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Talking Points - June 8, 2016
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Updated: Oct 11, 2016
June 8, 2016
Devotional by Ron Aguilera
One: President’s Report
*Ron Huff is our new Illinois Conference Superintendent of Education. He comes from Southern New England Conference, where he has been serving as the Associate Superintendent of Education.
*Reviewed the Conference philosophy, mission, and vision. Our Mission is to Go and Make disciples. The committee was reminded that Christ’s method is divine and worth following. 
*Ministry Wives Outreach is sponsored by the North American Division, and they gave a $1000 to pastor’s wives leading out in some kind of outreach. Janette Flores started a ministry in January: “Epic Girls Night Out”.  Reaching millennials.  One week they play music; the next week they do crafts (coloring). They have baptized two ladies, two more are studying, and two have joined the Sabbath praise service with their musical instruments. Carol Barnhurst is also working on youth evangelism.
*Mission Akita was organized by Jamie Daum. Approximately 50 people came to Camp Akita this past week and worked hard beautifying our camp. Five different projects were done: landscaping, gutting an older building, re-roofing Pine Lodge, sign-painting, and creating a 500 feet zip-line passage through the woods.  This will be an annual event.
*The President expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the tireless and quality job Lori Aguilera has done as acting Education Superintendent over the last year. She will be returning to serve as the Associate Superintendent of Education, School Manager for Hinsdale Academy, and Special Education Director for the Conference.
Two: Young Adults Ministries Leader Resignation
The committee voted to accept the letter of resignation of Leonardo Oliveira as the Young Adult Ministries leader. Pastor Leonardo will continue to serve as a pastor for the Illinois Conference.
Three: Membership Report
Year to date, there have been 117 baptisms and 12 professions of faith. The current membership of the
Illinois Conference is 13,679.
Four: Mission Group Application / Wellspring Mission Group
The committee voted to approve the formation on a new mission group in the Schaumburg area to be
led by Elder Gabriel Bardan. The mission group will be called the Wellspring Mission Group.
Five: Company Status / Maranatha Mission Group
The committee voted to approve the Maranatha Mission Group request to be organized into a
Company. This group is located in Aurora and led by Pastor Magdiel Gomez.
Six: Election of Association Board Trustees
The Committee voted to approve the following individuals to serve on the Board of Trustees for the
Illinois Association:
Raymond Pichette       President        
Michael Daum            Association Vice President
Elizabeth DeLeon       Association Treasurer
Paul Saint-Villiers       Association Secretary
Ron Aguilera               Conference Secretary
Roger Dickman           (Glen Ellyn Church)
Eden Galan-Logan      (Fox Valley Hispanic Church)
Joseph Heneghan        (Southwest Church)
Art Nelson                   (Springfield Church)  
Ivy Posada                  (Hinsdale Fil-Am Church)
David Storlie               (Peoria Church)