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Adventist Christian Fellowship  

Adventist Christian Fellowship is the official organization of Adventist ministry on public university campuses in the North American Division. We represent approximately 150 ACF campus ministry groups across the United States, Canada, Bermuda and Guam-Micronesia. ACF is also a fellowship of Adventist students living and sharing their faith on college and university campuses. ACF helps students grow in their faith and stay connected to the mission of their church during the college years of their life.
Vision Statement:
Reach the campus - reach the world
Mission Statement:
  1. Build Christian fellowship chapters on public campuses that honor God and nurture the spiritual lives of students in North America
  2. Engage students in the mission of the church through relational  evangelism and Christ-like student fellowships
  3. Empower local ACF chapters, churches and sponsors through pastoral support, professional training and access to resources.
Why Have An ACF Fellowship?
Launching an ACF campus ministry group on your campus will help you connect with other Adventist students and to reach out to fellow students. It will also make your campus group a legitimate campus ministry fellowship among other student groups on campus allowing your group many campus privileges such as use of campus facilities, recognition for your group and in some cases even some special funding through student fees. Your ACF group can also be the connecting association for a local Adventist church and the larger network of ACF North American Division. This will make available many resources for your group and a connection with the larger sisterhood of fellow ACF students.
Six Steps For Launching A New Campus Ministry Group:
  1. Pray. God has resources, knowledge, and power beyond all human abilities, and He is the only One who can make your efforts fruitful. Start with Him.
  2. Partner. Talk to local church pastors & your conference youth/young adult director. Find out if they know of any other Adventist students in your area and if they know any groups already meeting.
  3. Connect. Be creative: search Facebook, put up a table at student orientation, advertise in church bulletins, advertise in the school newspaper, and talk to the chaplain’s/dean of students office.
  4. Gather. When you find others who are interested in worshipping and fellowshipping as Adventist students, start hanging out.
  5. Organize. Become an officially recognized student organization and get access to school resources: meeting rooms, web space, and more! Also connect with student government and the religious life office.
  6. Network. Get recognized as an official ACF group. Register to get your group listed on the site, hooked into the larger ACF network, and more.
  7. Enjoy! Growth takes time. Don’t focus on the numbers—rest in the knowledge that you’re following God’s will and allow God to determine success.