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Talking Points - August 30, 2015
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Updated: Apr 14, 2016

August 30, 2015

Devotional by Ray Pichette

One: President’s Report:

Elder Pichette made a presentation on the “Life Cycle of a Church”.

Two: Departmental Report:

There was a report made by our Youth Director, Manny Ojeda. His notes are in the link below.

Three: The Education Quasi-Endowment Fund/Distribution of Interest:

The Executive Committee voted to distribute only the net earnings gained by our Education Quasi

Endowment fund, so we don’t lose market value on our investments. This, of course, only applies to 

years were we lose principal. The primary reason is we want to protect our principal, and ultimately add to it.

Four: Executive Committee Resignation: 

One of our Executive Committee members, Dustan Daniel, is moving to Lincoln, NE. We 

acknowledge and appreciate his service to the Illinois Conference and Downers Grove Church, and 

pray God will bless him as he transitions.

Five: Membership Report

It was reported that there have been 109 baptisms and 43 professions of faith through July 2015, and 

current membership is 13,540.

Six: It was voted to approve the La Grange Brookfield Church mission trip to Guatemala.

Seven: It was voted to ask Jay Ellington to serve on the Illinois Conference Board of Education.

Eight: It was voted to approve Mandy Macomb be the Illinois Conference Area 2 Pathfinder Area Coordinator

Nine: It was voted to hire Elder John Grys to serve as the ministerial director for the Illinois Conference.

Ten: The Executive Committee votes on any calendar changes each time they meet. We will pass 

these on as a separate link below for your information.

Youth Department Report - click on this link

Calendar Updates - click on this link