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School Forms
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   Application for Admission to a Seventh-day Adventist School
  1. Admission Application E G  (Fillable Form)
  2. Admission Form Instructions  (Fillable Form)     
  3. Student Recommendation Form (Fillable Form)
    Admission Application Sec A D (Fillable Form)
    Admission Form Instructions 12 13 (Fillable Form)
    Application for Overnight trips/tours (Fillable Form)
    Application 2 Open Elementary School (Fillable Form)
    Application to Open New School  This is the form used to request permission to start a new school.  This is a fillable for.  
    Please complete, print, sign the form, and mail it into the office. (Fillable Form)

    Arms School Safety Checklist (Fillable Form)
    Asbestos Letter Y
    Asbestos Memo to Principals/Pastors
    Asbestos Notification Form (Fillable form)  
    Budget (Proposed School)  (Fillable form)
    Calendar Approval Form (Fillable form)
    Child Immunication Certification Form (Fillable form)
    Classroom Inventory Form (Fillable Form)
    Classroom Inventory Form Procedures
    Conflict of Interest Declaration   .pdf (Fillable form)
    Conflict of Interest Notification.pdf (Fillable form)
    Constitution Annual Review Form (Fillable form)
    Elementary School Accreditation Evaluation Progress Report (Fillable form)
    Field Trip Report Form (Fillable Form)
    Guidelines for Establishing a New School or Addition of Secondary Grades
    Library & School Equipment Subsidy  .pdf (Fillable form)
    Media Release. (Fillable Form)
    Non-discrimination Policy Statement (Fillable form)
    Overnight Field Trip (Fillable Form)
    Progress Report  (Fillable Form)

    Qualifications of Teacher Assistants.pdf
    Retention Request (Fillable Form)
    School Self Inspection Form  (Fillable Form)
    Student Incident Report Form (Fillable Form)
    Student Recommendation Form (Fillable Form)
    Student Record Release (Fillable form)
    Time of Monthly School Board Meeting Information (Fillable form)
    Volunteer Driver Questionnaire (Fillable Form)