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Talking Points - June 24, 2015
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Updated: Apr 14, 2016

Talking Points – Executive Committee Meeting, June 24, 2015
The devotional was presented by Elder Ron Aguilera. Elder Aguilera talked about the need to slow down, to address the busyness of life, so we can better gauge the condition of our souls, and our relationship with Jesus. Because you can’t give what you don’t have.
One: Personnel Items
The following personnel items were presented:         
A. To approve Renante Gomez to be the volunteer pastor for the Naperville Fil-Am Group. 
In addition, he will continue to serve as the WMC Fil-Am Company volunteer pastor.
B.  To approve the hire of Luther Walker as the Illinois Conference maintenance/property manager.
Two: Strategic Plan
Elder Ray Pichette shared the Strategic Plan in place to help us accomplish the mission of the Illinois Conference. Below are the highlights:
***DEVELOP PASTORS AS SERVANT LEADERS. It is our responsibility to develop our pastors as spiritual leaders.  This is accomplished through:
A. Pastoral Spirituality:
  1. Intentional Encouragement from Administration
  2. Spiritual Retreats: Focused on Prayer and Bible Study
  3. Encourage healthy life-style
B. Pastoral LEAD Groups:  Reading and Application
  1. Leadership
  2. Encouragement
  3. Accountability
  4. Dreaming  
C. Availability of Church Consultations: If a church board votes to invite us to come, we can assess the church and create a professional plan that will detail specifically what they could do in order to grow.
D.  Conference Pastoral Meetings:
  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Eight Essential Church Systems
a.         Evangelism
b.         Worship
c.         Assimilation
d.         Discipleship
e.         Leadership Development
f.          Small Groups/Congregational Care
g.         Lay Mobilization
h.         Communication
E.  Pastoral Ministry (Job) Descriptions
F.  Pastoral Evaluations:
  1. Conducted yearly
  2. Mission & Vision
Three: Membership Report
Elder Ron Aguilera shared that there have been 228 baptisms reported through May 2015.
The current membership in the Illinois Conference is 13,517.
Four: Naperville Fil-Am SDA Fellowship Company Application
Voted to approve the Naperville Fil-Am Fellowship mission group to receive Company status.
Five: Ordination Review
The Executive Committee voted to accept the recommendation of the Ordination Review Committee
and to recommend the following names to the Lake Union Conference for ordination:
   Pastor Adrian Amarandei
   Pastor Ruslan Drumi
   Pastor Dan Vis
   Pastor Leonardo De Oliveira
   Pastor José Saint-Phard
   Pastor John Lewis