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Talking Points - April 12, 2015
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Updated: Apr 14, 2016
Extracts from the Executive Committee Meeting, April 12, 2015

The devotional was presented by Elder Ray Pichette. Elder Pichette talked about the Illinois Conference’s mission of creating healthy disciple-making churches.

Personnel Items
    The following personnel items were presented:    
A.    Voted to approve inviting Roger Henderson to serve as the Camp Akita Manager/Ranger
B.    Voted to approve inviting Deborah Henderson to serve as the Camp Akita Food Service/Housekeeping Director

Church Revival and Revision Process Status
A.    Voted to adopt a Church Revival and Revision Process (with suggested additions) as policy. This policy is intended to help churches that are in need of revival assess where they are and what the next step can be.
B.    Voted to recommend to the Lake Union that the NAD and GC consider adding a church status revision process to the church organizational process in the Church Manual.

WMC/Prospect Heights Company Application
    Voted to approve the WMC/Prospect Heights Mission Group application to become an official Company.

Salary Audit Review
    The Lake Union President, Don Livesay, led the Executive Committee executive through a salary Audit     review. The Executive Committee voted to accept and approve this review.

2014 Unaudited Financial Statement
    The Executive Committee voted to accept the review of the 2014 Unaudited Financial statement presented     by Mike Daum, Illinois Conference Treasurer.

Education Report
    Elder Ray Pichette led a discussion on the compilation of ideas that were accumulated from all the pastors     in the Conference, and the Executive Committee, on how to better fund Education in the Illinois     Conference. Elder Pichette asked the Committee to read the list of suggestions and to come to the next     meeting prepared to decide which ideas can and should be implemented.

2015 Calendar Changes
 Area 2 LEAD Meeting
Wednesday August 12 10 AM
Hispanic Leadership Certification: Family Ministries
  August 12-13  
 Pre-Retirement Seminar
Tuesday October 6 1-5 PM
Area 2 LEAD Meeting
Wednesday October 14 10 AM
Church Officers Training (Areas 1 & 2)
Sunday November 8  
Church Officers Training (Areas 3,4,5)    
Sunday            December 6     
 Area 2 LEAD Meeting
Wednesday December 9 10 AM
From    To  
Hispanic Women’s Ministries
April 24-25 May 1-2  
August 26 August 30 10 AM
December 9        December 13    10 AM