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Talking Points - February 25, 2015
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Updated: Apr 14, 2016
Talking Points – February 25, 2015
Illinois Conference Executive Committee Meeting
  • This was the second meeting of the new Executive Committee of the Illinois Conference. This is  the members of the committee once again for your information.
 Ray Pichette, President; Ron Aguilera, Secretary, Helen Bacchus, Gilberto Bahena, Marci Baker, Dustan Daniel, Mike Daum, Nancy Dedic, Arlene Brown-Dominguez, Roberto Espinoza, Tom Ferguson, Gordon Fraser, Jason Goliath, Brian Hamilton, Don Lewis, Jose Medina, Raysa Ramos, Garry Starkey, Moses Taiwo, Milenko Tanurdzic, Patricia Williams.
  • The following personnel decisions were voted:
    • Juan Daniel Villegas, to be the pastor of the North Hispanic District, which includes the North Hispanic, Pilsen Hispanic and Lakeview Hispanic churches. Pastor Villegas and his family are scheduled to arrive in the middle of March.
    • Mauricio Nelson Salazar, to be the pastor of the Fox Valley District, which includes the Fox Valley, Aurora, and Joliet Hispanic churches. No arrival date yet.
    • To add the Brazilian Community SDA church to the Elgin Agape Hispanic, Rockford Hispanic, and W. Chicago Hispanic church district, under Pastor Gerzom Gomez.
    • To approve volunteer Pastor Gary Larsen, who currently serves the Freeport church as a volunteer, also serve the Savanna church on a once a month basis, under the leadership of district pastor, Leonardo Oliveira.
    • To approve Kerry Hutchinson serve as the volunteer pastor at the Mount Sinai Company, under the leadership of district pastor, Gordon Fraser.
    • To approve Elder Renante Gomez serve as the volunteer pastor for the Prospect Heights/ WMC mission group.
  • It was reported there were 351 baptisms and profession of faith in the Illinois in 2014. The Conference membership at the end of 2014 was 13,512. 
  • The Executive Committee voted to approve the organizing of a new mission group, the Karen Mission group. This Mission Group is sponsored by the Rockford SDA Church.
  • Our new Conference Treasurer is almost fully onboard and reported that he will have a budget ready to present at the April meeting. 
  • The Fairmont City Hispanic Church is in the process of refurbishing their recently purchased church.  The dedication of this new church building will take place April 18th