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Health Ministries
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At this time, there is no separate Health Ministries department in our Conference. Limited access to further resources can be found by contacting our people in the Ministerial / Evangelism Department.

In addition, resources are available at the web sites of other organizations. Some of these resources are listed at web sites of other local conferences such as Michigan. Others are available through the NAD Health Ministries department (a department of Seventh-day Adventist Church headquarters in North America).

See also our Supporting Ministries Page for links to a variety of health oriented organizations.

Various links related to health are listed below:

Vibrant Life is a magazine and a web site designed to nudge a person toward a more healthy lifestyle. It avoids fads while giving motivation for helpful improvements in physical condition.

Four Adventist hospitals are in the greater Chicago area. They are operated by Adventist Midwest Health.

Listen Magazine is designed to assist young people with information about staying healthy through avoiding the use of recreational drugs. It helps to connect young people with stories about peers or respected adults who deal successfully with staying drug free.

Lifestyle Matters is an organization which produces Balance Magazine. It also has other helpful resources for a more natural lifestyle which promotes long-term health.

CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project) has been designed as a way for churches or other organizations to assist communities in making healthy lifestyle adjustments. Rather than leaving people to "go solo" in their quest for improved health, this connects people in ways that help empower their choices to be healthy.

Nedley Health Solutions is an organization that looks at the whole person in order to create a healthy lifestyle. This organization has had amazing results in treating clinical depression. The site offers access to a variety of materials, products, and programs.

Lifelong Health is an organization that provides some health education type resources. It comes with an approach of moving cautiously from harmful choices to a better way. It does not move suddenly from destructive habits to optimal habits. It takes a more gradual approach.

The Full Plate Diet is an interesting concept in weight management and healthy living. Rather than following fads, it takes a fresh, simple approach to deciding what spends time on your plate.

Health Education Resources includes access to materials related to health expos. These include the concepts of NEWSTART which were pioneered at Weimar Center of Health and Education.

The Adventist Health Study conducted by Loma Linda University is revealing a number of interesting corolations between lifestyle habits and health outcomes.

CREATION Health is a way of life (and an acronym) designed by Florida Adventist Health System. It is also promoted in other parts of the country. It is another way of seeing healthy living (somewhat similar to NEWSTART).