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December 15, 2011
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Christmas Blessing
At this time of year, our hearts go back to God's greatest gift to us--Jesus Christ. Though we are not certain about the time of year Jesus was born, this is the season when much of the Christian world dwells on His first Advent--when He came to our earth as a baby. He came to experience life as we have to see it. He faced all of our struggles and conquered sin for us. Christmas is more than a time to remember a historic event. It is a time to claim the promise of victory. Jesus lived a victorious life for us. We can claim His history as our past. We can receive His strength (through the ministry of the Holy Spirit) to become more like Him. May the blessings of Christmas transform your life.

Different Approach
We are in the process of changing the way information is shared in the Illinois Conference Update (Newsletter). In the past, it was sent as a PDF attachment that looked like a printed publication (which could be printed if such was desired). The current experiment may need to be tweaked as time goes by. The basic idea is to supply a link to a web page. In this way, information can be quickly prepared and provided in a more timely manner. For those who do not wish to follow the link to our web site, two options remain. The newsletter can be accessed directly from our web site. Or, a text-only version will be sent with the letter itself. Pictures will only be available on the web site. Some thought has been given to the actual mechanics of supplying letters this way. There will still be room for improvement.

Polish Outreach in Chicago

During the last three weeks, we were sharing the truth about the state of the dead during our 9-part series: Death - Beginning or the End? The first seven lectures were held in the Polish Cultural Center of the Copernicus Foundation ( The two follow-up meetings were held in the Romanian Church at 5959 W. Berenice Ave, Chicago, Illinois.

Sixty-six visitors came to the first meeting. An attendance of about twenty-five visitors was maintained to the seventh meeting. Fourteen visitors showed up at the new location for two additional meetings.The last Sabbath we had eight first-time visitors in our church for the last sermon of our guest speaker, pastor Zenon Korostenski of Poland.

On Monday, December 12, 2011, I started a short series - Archaeology and the Bible: Jesus, His Times and His Land - at the Romanian SDA Church.Please, keep me in your prayers as we continue reacing out to the Polish people of Chicago area.

Arkadiusz Bojko (Pastor of the Polish Church)

You can view more photos on our facebook page.


May God Bless you as you celebrate the birth of Jesus and then enter the new year.


Glenn Paul Hill