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Area 2 Lay ministry training
November 5 – Area 2 Lay Ministry Training
Pete Braman
Special Announcement
Attention ministry leaders! As our Conference Administrators have traveled throughout the Conference, one theme kept surfacing: “We need more training in the local churches”. In support of the local pastor, our goal is to provide relevant seminars that will enhance lay led ministries. The Illinois Conference is excited to support the dedicated leaders of the local church. We hope you make plans to join us Sunday, November 5, at the Peoria Church (4019 North Knoxville Ave) starting at 1:30. All seminars will conclude by 6:00. No meals or lodging will be provided (only light snacks).  Although we are targeting the Area 2 Churches, this training event is open to anyone in the Conference. The other great news is there is no cost or registration process needed for you to attend. We will conduct similar workshops in Areas 1,3,4,5 in 2018 (dates, locations, and times TBA). The Area 6 Hispanic Churches will have their own training events coordinated with The Associate Ministerial Director, Justo Morales. (See Conference Calendar). If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Please note the available November 5 workshops:
Church Clerks – Presenter: Jamie Daum -  Membership Clerk and Assistant Treasurer, Illinois Conference
Seminar DescriptionMinutes, members, and more! Please come learn together, ask questions, and share your expertise. Let’s talk about eAdventist, set up, follow up, and tips. Resources and contact information will be provided.
Church Treasurers Presenter: Mike Daum (and staff) – Illinois Conference Treasurer
Seminar Description  - Come explore current issues facing treasurers at the local church. The range of discussions will include topics from Risk Management, Internal controls, to enhancing your technical skills.
PreachingPresenter: Dr. Travis Sager – Senior Pastor at Hinsdale with a PhD in Expository Preaching
Seminar Description  - Scripture- based preaching is the art and science of studying the teaching and culture of the Bible. Learn how to properly interpret and apply scripture to the world of today:
Scripture-Based Preaching

Scripture-based Preaching is the art and science of studying the teaching and culture of the Bible and properly interpreting and applying it to the world of today.
Topics Covered:
  • Selecting the Passage
Should be done with prayer
Length – 1-10 verses (as a general guideline)
Should interest or speak to you the presenter, not be a subject ‘someone else’ needs to hear.
  • Reading the Passage
Read the passage at least 10 times
            Emphasize different words – especially verbs
            From each character’s perspective
            Ask many questions
  • Boil the Passage Down to One Word
  • Take that One Word and Make It into a Phrase
  • Take that Phrase and Make It into a Sentence (the theme sentence)
  • Develop the Main Points of the Sermon
Explanation, Illustration, Application
  • NOW You Can Consult Extra-biblical Materials
Commentaries, other people’s research, historical data
  • Develop the Introduction to the Sermon
Purpose:  To grab people’s attention
Length:  30 seconds to 2 minutes
A fact, quote, short story, an object
  • Develop the Conclusion to the Sermon
Should answer the question “So what?”
Should have some call to action for the listener
We will also cover (time allowing):
            Using the voice as a tool, proper gestures, a few ‘do’s and don’ts’
Church Elders  - Presenter: Dr. John Grys – John is the Illinois Conference Executive Secretary
Seminar DescriptionElder: The Person, the Role, the Responsibility.  Tihs two-hour session examines questions regarding the person of the elder--what characteristics are important as well as the particluar responsibilities and functions of the elder."
Bible Study Tools  - Presenter: Gabriel Bardan – Gabriel is the Church Planting Coordinator for the Illinois Conference and pastors the Cary Grove, Elgin, and Wellspring churches in Illinois
Seminar Description - There are two tracks:
  1. Foundations of Relational Bible Studies - How to organize and present dynamic Bible studies that impress hearts to love and trust God and change lives for eternity.  This class will cover the fundamentals of relational Bible Studies: leading a person to Christ, finding Bible study interest, planning and presenting a relational study.
Each of the following topics will have a 15-20 minute presentation followed by 5-10 minutes Q & A:
  1. The Tail of Three Stories
  2. Favorite Fishing Holes
  3. Planning for Success
  4. Presenting a Relational Study
2. Certificate in Relational Bible Studies - Building on the Foundations of the previous class, students interested in a certificate will explore advanced strategies and techniques for rrelational Bible studies: how to answer difficult questions, how to avoid common mistakes. how to overcome obstacles to decisions and how to transition to church life and dicipleship.  In order to receive this certificate, students will purchase the textbook and submit a book report, as well as a report of a relational Bible study.
Each of the following topics will have a 15-20 minute presentation followed by 5-10 minutes Q & A:
  1. Stratgeies for Answering Difficult Questions
  2. Avoiding Most Common Mistakes
  3. Overcoming Obstacles to Decisions
  4. Recipe for Success

In addition to ministry resources directly related to our conference, there are a variety of supporting ministries which are independent of the denominational organization but which provide helpful services.

Events at churches or schools serve as additional resources.