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Conflict of the Ages
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The Illinois Conference Devotional Reading Plan consists of reading through the "Conflict of the Ages" series. By reading just 10 pages a day you will read all five volumes of this series:
  1. Patriarchs and Prophets
  2. Prophets and Kings,
  3. The Desire of Ages
  4. Acts of the Apostles, and
  5. The Great Controversy. 

If you would like a day-by-day listing of the readings you may access them by clicking here.

Small Group Study Guides

Many will find it helpful to discuss the readings in a small group. Study guides are provided for each of the books.

Patriarchs and Prophets (click below for PDF or Word Doc files):
The White Estate maintains a list of study guides for a variety of books including:
Acts of the Apostles
Adventist Home
Child Guidance
Councils on Health
Christian Service
Councels for the Church
Counsels on Diet and Foods
Counsels on Stewardship
Early Writings
The Great Controversy
Last Day Events
Mind, Character, and Personality
Selected Messages, Book 3
Steps to Christ
The Ministry of Healing
The Sanctified Life
The Story of Our Health Message
The Story of Redemption
Welfare Ministry

You may also be interested in visiting the Ellen G. White Estate Web site for other helpful resources, including the ability to search many of the writings of Ellen White and other early writers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.