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Church Position Statement on Labor Unions
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WHEREAS, The Christian dare not violate his conscience by giving support to activities or policies incompatible with the principles and counsel set forth in God's Word; and

WHEREAS, An increasing number of Seventh-day Adventists are finding it necessary to explain the position of the church in relation to joining or financially supporting labor unions and similar organizations, We recommend,

  1. That the Seventh-day Adventist Church hereby reaffirm its historical position that its members should not join or financially support labor unions and similar organizations.
  2. That the Seventh-day Adventist Church member is following the teaching of the church when because of religious convictions he refuses to join or financially support labor unions and similar organizations or associations, or discontinues membership or financial support of a labor union and similar organization or association.
  3. That pastors diligently inform Seventh-day Adventist Church members through sermons, personal counseling, church publications and other media of the Bible principles and the Spirit of Prophecy counsel on which the church's position is based.

--North American Division Committee on Administration Mexico City October 16-20, 1972